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About Us

Our Vision

We believe health and beauty are life partners - good health brings natural beauty.

Bali Healing’s vision has always been to establish a holistic healing center where individuals can find solace in repairing their physical and emotional well-being, while healing their mind and soul.


The Healing Center

You may have noticed that Canggu’s landmark hub of wellness since 2016, Bali Healing Clinic, has had a recent upgrade on Batu Bolong.


New treatment space is nestled in an oasis of soothing tropical gardens set away from the busy road and a brand new natural beauty clinic opens it’s doors to provide aesthetic, body and facial treatments that compliment the healing center.

View our new space here.

Location & Contact

Our Practitioners

Bali Healing Clinic is proud to offer an array of disciplines with a team of experienced and well-trained practitioners from across the globe.

See list of treatments here.


Licensed Indonesian practitioners working with international certified consultants include the best in their field offering naturopathy, acupuncture, theta healing, osteopathy, women’s health, traditional Chinese medicine, breathwork and reiki.

Peeping Through a Leaf

Bali Healing Beauty

In 2023, we introduced Bali Healing Beauty - a new dedicated space for aesthetic treatments to compliment existing natural health therapies so you can be the best version of yourself.

See list of treatments here.


Experience the ultimate transformation with Bali Healing Beauty's range of services including: ozone therapy treatment, dermatologist medical consultations, IV infusions, medical-grade facials, hair regrowth and aligned naturopathic counselling and treatment.

Let us guide you in achieving your desired beauty and wellness goals with our trusted expertise and clinicians.

Insta: @bali.healingbeauty

Whatsapp: +62 81268888707



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