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Low energy? Overweight? Sick?


Your health and your well being will always be influenced by what you eat and drink. While most are aware that the quality of food is important and that the amounts of fats, carbs, protein and micro-nutrients play a role for health, the awareness that general dietary guidelines will never work because individual needs are not the same for everyone.

Nutrition Coaching

While some will feel full of energy on a high protein diet, others will do much better on a diet rich in carbs. While some will put on weight if they eat a lot of meat and will loose it with carbohydrates, others will get fat from eating a seemingly healthy vegetarian diet rich in carbohydrates. There is no diet that is ideal for everyone, because different nutritional types need different diets.

However, it is fairly easy to determine your nutritional type with the aid of a somewhat extensive questionnaire and to then give you extensive recommendations as to the diet that is ideal for your type, both to improve overall health and to regulate your weight.

A Naturopathic Treatment

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